Our Founder

Inocência Manoel, second daughter of Thomaz Manoel and Elza Brasil do Nascimento – of a total of seven -, was born in the city of Alvorada do Sul, in the State of Paraná, but it can be said that the journey of the founder of the brand Inoar and real hair alchemist has roots in the city of Assis, in the countryside of the State of São Paulo, where she lived most of her life.

Inô, as she is known, is graduated in Theology from the Universidade Estadual de São Paulo and also brings in her journey jobs as a journalist and television presenter. However, before that, her talent to work in the beauty area had already arisen. As a teenager, she used to create hairstyles and haircuts, and her personal dissatisfaction with her hair (very bulky and curly) was responsible for the real search for effective treatments to treat the hair.

When she was only 15 years old, Inô opened up her own beauty salon, at her house backyard, and then not only her alchemist side would bloom, but also the visionary and enterprising side. Always on the go, an eternal searcher, Inô also had a small clothing factory, which helped her to maintain her dreams of creating her own brand one day.

Inô devoted much of her time in search of products that could make her hair smooth, silky and offered her customers exclusive and different treatments that she herself prepared. As she was always interested in new trends, she decided to move to the city of São Paulo at the age of 24.


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About the INOAR brand

INOAR spends millions of dollars each year on research and development to ensure they stay the world leaders of revolutionary, patented hair treatment formulas.

INOAR keeps on developing and improving on making your hair the most beautiful aspect – Our products speaks for itself.

INOAR offers a wide range of products so as to cater for all the different hair types. The treatment products are compatible and can therefore be mixed with each other to formulate a unique treatment for each individual client.