In the ´80s the Brazilian cosmetics market for professional hair stylists was dominated by foreign brands. The products were expensive and lacked variety. For a plain straightening or hydration, a considerable amount was left at the beauty parlor. The professional’s profit was slight and access to customers was limited due to the high cost of the products. When she was still only 13, Inô, as she liked to be called, played with locks of hair that the hair stylists gave her and experimented with infinite mixes of hair straightening, hydrants and chemical substances which were then available in the market. Her playing consisted in dying, discoloring and apply all possible chemical substances to the hair, straighten to analyze compatibilities and then develop and test several treatments to repair the hair. This experience lasted for years. “The hair stylists gently separated the locks that were tied and I passed by and collected them. I bought every product that quoted straightening on the label, mixed it with other products, tested on the locks and analyzed the results” she informed.
Her playing was fed by an objective: have straight hair with natural movement; this dream was impossible back then. Born with naturally curly hair, Inô devoted a major part of her time seeking products that could leave her hair straight and silky. In 1974 Inô set up her first beauty parlor, where she offered to her customers exclusive and distinctive treatments that she herself prepared.

In 1990 the famous Japanese Brushing arrives in Brazil, a frenzy that however was available only to a few in view of the high cost. Inô then began to study the formula and research active ingredients in the Brazilian market to create a similar and more accessible product. The success was enormous and the purchase orders of co-hair stylists were such that the artisanal manufacture was no longer sufficient. Sales were made to friends, friends’ friends, even orders throughout Brazil were received.

And thus on Aug. 15, 2002 the Brazilian Keratin Hair Treatment was established, as the first line of products of Inoar Cosméticos.

Since then Inoar did not stop innovating and always a success following another. Ghair was launched in 2003.

In 2010, it changed its visual identity, which is now more modern and attractive. And a new visual identity was created to speak directly with hair stylists worldwide. In an easy and intelligent way. Providing information clearly and improved technical training to all professionals. Now Inoar is completing 9 years and its history involves millions of satisfied professional hair stylists, women that changed their looks and their lives completely, hundreds of people that improved their standards of life through the Projeto Tesourinha and Beleza Solidária (BEAUTY AGAINST POVERTY), and Brazil, which gained solidness and growth, playing a beautiful role internally and abroad. And to all those that directly and indirectly participated and participate in this story, our thanks, to all those that used our products, thank you so much! Inoar Will continue to work to always deserve the approval of the hair professionals and of its customers, always